Our Services

Ethics and Compliance Solutions

When you hire us at EMS Compliance, LLC we become an integral part of your corporate compliance program by designing, updating and providing answers about EMS compliance along the way. Our business model was created with the knowledge that very few EMS agencies can justify the expense of having a full-time or even part-time compliance individual on staff.

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Expert Medical Director Strategic Consulting

We believe that EMS is more than just transporting patients from one point to another. It is a unique practice of Medicine. We use our national expertise and extensive industry knowledge to bring order and assurance to EMS management and Medical Directors that the medical protocols and oversight provided…

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Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement

Our expertise allows us to provide optimal solutions for EMS industry stakeholders seeking to measure and improve the quality, delivery, interoperability, security and value of emergency medical services. Each solution is backed by our customizable, comprehensive and collaborative approach that…

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