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When you hire us at EMS Compliance, LLC we become an integral part of your corporate compliance program by designing, updating and providing answers about EMS compliance along the way. Our business model was created with the knowledge that very few EMS agencies can justify the expense of having a full-time or even part-time compliance individual on staff. It’s just not practical. However, that doesn’t change the fact that both the Feds and States continue to increase their compliance enforcement activity against EMS agencies across the nation.

How We Do It

Our Corporate Compliance Toolkit is an essential resource for any organization providing EMS services that is looking to create, maintain or improve their compliance program. This annual subscription service provides EMS agencies with easy, instant access to the EMS Compliance Officer Hotline, up to date compliance information that is tailored to your organization’s size and needs, an annual review of your compliance policies and procedures and a special access code for two free compliance webinars per year.

Corporate Compliance Toolkit for EMS/Fire:

  • Monthly access to the EMS Compliance Hotline where your compliance questions are answered live by our national EMS Compliance experts.
  • Annual review of your compliance policies and procedures.

  • Access to up to date compliance information and procedures that is tailored to the size and needs of your organization.
  • 2 compliance webinars available to your staff to keep you current on changing EMS compliance issues.

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1 in 5 ambulance agencies have questionable billing practices according to the HHS OIG.

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