Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Solution


If your organization receives federal healthcare funds and/or bills Medicare or Medicaid, you are required by federal law to have an EMS specific healthcare compliance program.

Medicare is targeting emergency services across the country for improper claims and without a compliance program in place, you are at greater risk for massive fines and could be held personally responsible.

That’s why, at EMS Compliance, our team of nationally recognized industry experts, developed the Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Solution; the only compliance program designed specifically for Fire & EMS. Our web-based solution delivers all the tools necessary to implement a compliance program that understands the specific needs of the emergency services industry and meets all federal requirements.

At EMS Compliance, we know your time is limited and valuable; that’s why our policies and procedures are easy to access, implement and automatically update in accordance with changing laws.  And, because we believe compliance should be attainable for all emergency services providers (not just the ones large enough to justify the expense of a full-time compliance officer) we offer our Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Solution for a cost of less than $300/month.

How It Works

Upon subscribing to EMS Compliance, you gain instant access to your online account where you will find:

  • Easily customizable policies and procedures required for a successful compliance program.
  • Training modules for your employees in a variety of formats including PDF, PowerPoint, video and online webinars.
  • Downloadable marketing materials to post for employees to meet the critical element of having a well-publicized compliance program.
  • A regularly updated “Resource Portal” of the most recent laws and regulations and relevant guidance on anything related to healthcare and EMS compliance.

In addition, with your monthly subscription you also have free access to the secritical services:

  • 8 calls per month to the “Compliance Officer Hotline” where our compliance experts are ready to answer compliance questions for your leadership.  The Confidential Compliance Hotline that allows your employees to leave anonymous concerns about compliance issues. We triage these calls to determine if true compliance issues exists. If so, we guide you through the necessary steps for an internal compliance investigation.
  • At least two free webinars per year designed specifically for your leadership and board members.

1 in 5 ambulance agencies have questionable billing practices according to the HHS OIG.

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