Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Solution

At EMS Compliance, we believe compliance should be attainable for all EMS agencies, and not just the ones large enough to justify the expense of a full-time compliance officer. That is why we offer the Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Solution for less than $300/month.

This solution is designed to deliver to you and your staff two absolutely critical components of EMS compliance:

1 First, by having our nationally recognized EMS compliance experts create your compliance program and compliance policies, our goal is to keep you in compliance so you never become a target of an investigation. We want to keep you from being that 1 in 5 ambulance agency who the feds say have questionable compliance practices. We will provide you with common sense and industry proven compliance strategies to help you avoid trouble in the first place.

2 Second, if you ever become the subject of a state or federal investigation, which sometimes happens despite best efforts, you can demonstrate to investigators that you’ve made a strong good faith effort towards compliance by retaining some of the nation’s top EMS compliance experts. Investigators understand that mistakes occasionally happen despite best efforts and having invested in a thorough compliance program is a significant factor in how investigators view you and assess penalties.

We also provide a variety of pricing models for our Expert Guidance Medical Director Consulting Services which allows us to tailor our proposals to your specific needs. For these services, we have assisted clients both on an hourly basis and on a flat fee project basis. Our goal is flexibility based on your needs. So, hit the button below and let’s connect to discuss your agency and how our price and service can best fit your needs.

1 in 5 ambulance agencies have questionable billing practices according to the HHS OIG.

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