Our Story

With our industry experience as CEOs, Medical Directors, Compliance Officers and General Counsel for EMS providers, we know that the solutions being offered are overly expensive, complex, and in our experience, ineffective.

Don’t get us wrong, we are extremely serious about corporate compliance and medical director oversight. After all, they are essential elements of any successful EMS agency or company…we just don’t believe achieving that should cost an arm and a leg.

With our corporate philosophy, we say that organizations can create cultures of the utmost in ethics and compliance with a focus on gold standard medical services all while using a common sense approach with an eye on the bottom line. We know these critical issues aren’t mutually exclusive, and we have the industry experience to back that up. We would love to talk to you about your specific needs and tell you more about how we can achieve these goals together.

1 in 5 ambulance agencies have questionable billing practices according to the HHS OIG.

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