Expert Medical Director Strategic Consulting

What We Do

We believe that EMS is more than just transporting patients from one point to another. It is a unique practice of Medicine. We use our national expertise and extensive industry knowledge to bring order and assurance to EMS management and Medical Directors that the medical protocols and oversight provided are optimally configured for success with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

We know proper oversight of field medical care can be intimidating. We don’t take the place of the Medical Director, but we work hand in hand with clients for peace of mind becoming the trusted mentor you can count on when complexities become overwhelming.

How Do We Do It?

Our Expert Medical Director Consulting services typically assist agencies in one of two areas (or often both): First, we regularly assist EMS providers in reviewing their policies and procedures and medical protocols to identify gaps and then create and recommend changes in order to bring our clients up to current best practices. Second, because of our broad experience and expertise in implementing nearly every type of service delivery model in the industry, we routinely assist agencies and companies in the creation and successful start-up of new services, such as Critical Care Transport. The collective expertise of our company is especially beneficial in this area as our regulatory compliance experts assist in obtaining any required licensure and government approvals while our medical directors design the programs utilizing the most up to date industry best practices.

As with all of our services, we don’t have a set pricing structure for our Expert Medical Director Consulting services. Doing so is not in the best interest of our clients. Instead, our representatives will discuss your needs and goals and prepare a proposal to satisfy these in the most economical manner possible. Sometimes it makes the most sense for you to work with us on an hourly basis. Other times, it will be more beneficial for you to engage us in a flat fee project basis.

1 in 5 ambulance agencies have questionable billing practices according to the HHS OIG.

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